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About the project

Founded by human rights activists in 2017, the project has helped LGBTQ+ people since the uncovering of violations and persecutions against them in Chechnya, Russia. Until 2021, we were a part of the Russian LGBT Network and the Sphere Charity Fund. Later, we shifted our focus to the North Caucasus region, establishing the NC SOS Crisis group led by David Isteev.

We help LGBTIQ+ people to flee from the regions where they face discrimination, violence and mortal danger. We provide them with safe housing, legal assistance, financial, medical and psychological help. Our aim is to give them an opportunity to start a new safe life.

An integral part of our work is gathering proofs and spreading information. The information that would force Russian authorities and the international community to take action, to ensure that LGBTIQ+ people in the North Caucasus are no longer persecuted, to bring to justice the responsible.

Progress report 2022