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Aminat Lorsanova

Chechen relatives attempted treating Aminat’s bisexuality and atheism, they made her undergo “jinn exorcism” and electrocuted her. The girl tried to flee from the house four times.

In 2018 parents put her in the borderline clinic in Grozny. She was given injections of depressurizing drugs which caused leg numbness. On her return home Aminat contacted us. She should have left for Moscow by plane, however policemen deprived her at the airport and took her back home. In December 2018 the girl was again placed in a psycho-neurological dispensary in Grozny. During one of her visits home she managed to run away.

Human rights activists received threats from her family. The Chechens and Aminat’s mother even broke in and routed the flat of one of our activists and threatened him with death.

Aminat had to wait a long time to get her passport back: she was taken to Moscow with a lawyer, armed guards and the media to get her documents. After receiving the documents, the girl left Russia.

Lorsanova was denied a criminal case on the fact of torture in the clinic and violence by relatives. The police also did not investigate the allegation of an attack on the apartment of a human rights activist and numerous threats.

We managed Aminat’s evacuation and security. Up till now we provide her with legal support.