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Elina Ukhmanova

Elina was forcibly kept in a Dagestani rehabilitation center where her parents sent her to be “cured” of her bisexuality and atheism.

The girl was a subject to physical and mental violence in the family, which is why she ran away from home twice. During the first escape, the parents contacted the police for help, and they began to look for Elina. The police refused to help Ukhmanova, despite the fact that she indicated that she did not want to return to her family. After the second escape, the girl was found by two men hired by relatives and taken to the “Alliance Recovery” rehabilitation center.

Physical abuse was used against clinic patients: they were handcuffed and hung up, attached to the railing, if they quarreled with employees. Also, those staying in the center were left without food and forced to do physical exercises. For obscene language, patients were forced to squat four hundred times or do push-ups two hundred times. Those who quarreled with each other were handcuffed with one pair of handcuffs.

Four months later, Elina’s parents took Elina away from the clinic. They locked their daughter at home and took away her phone, because of which the girl was expelled from the university.

The “Alliance Recovery” clinic is not in the unified register of medical organizations, there are no qualified doctors among the staff, and the website contains the data of a non-existent medical license. It is unknown on what grounds the center carries out medical activities.

Elina left the country and filed a complaint against the rehabilitation center and it’s management on the illegal restriction of freedom and the illegal implementation of medical activities.

We managed Elina’s evacuation and security. Up till now we provide her with legal support.