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People we have already helped

We only tell stories that have become public. Most of our mentees remain anonymous for security reasons.

Idris Arsamikov
Idris was detained in 2017 in Chechnya on suspicion of homosexuality. Police officers tortured him to get a confession. The young man was later released, promising to come after him…
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Four sisters
Hadijat Hizrieva, Patimat Hizrieva, Aminat Gazimagomedova and Patimat Magomedova from Dagestan were regularly abused — physically and psychologically by their relatives. As children they underwent “female circumcision” surgery. In spring…
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Maksim Lapunov
Maksim was the first to openly speak out on persecution of LGBTIQ+ people in Chechnya. Owing to his testimony on the critical situation in the North Caucasus the issue was…
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Salekh and Ismail
Siblings Salekh Magamadov and Ismail Isaev were detained in 2020 and were kept for two months in the second regiment of Akhmat Hadji Kadyrov. For three months they were electrocuted…
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Magomed Askhabov
Magomed was sexually assaulted and blackmailed in Dagestan due to being a part of LGBTIQ+ community. He left for Saint Petersburg, however in January 2021 he agreed to help his…
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Elina Ukhmanova
Elina was forcibly kept in a Dagestani rehabilitation center where her parents sent her to be "cured" of her bisexuality and atheism. The girl was a subject to physical and…
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Salman Mukaev
Salman was deprived by chechen legal forces in 2020 and was accused of homosexuality. In the police department he was severely tortured: he was beaten up, tied with tape, choked…
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Aminat Lorsanova
Chechen relatives attempted treating Aminat’s bisexuality and atheism, they made her undergo “jinn exorcism” and electrocuted her. The girl tried to flee from the house four times. In 2018 parents…
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Ibragim Selimkhanov
Ibrahim fled Chechnya from relatives who threatened to kill him because of his homosexuality. In the spring of 2021, Chechen security forces abducted him from Moscow and brought him back…
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